Christian Fencers Association

Info on our popular T-shirts !

All T-shirts are midnight black, proudly bearing the C.F.A. shield having  the Latin phrase "Christus Gladium Vincit", (Christ Conquers the Sword) on front and a broadsword on back with "There Can Be Only One" &  1 Tim 2 verse.
Prices are kept to a minimun. $15, plus shipping ($5 for 1-2, $7 for 3-4, contact me if you have questions). They can be obtained in person from Bruce Sikes in St. Louis, or by mail. Shirts will be shipped asap when cash or check is received. Please make checks payable to "Bruce Sikes".
Mailing Address:
Bruce Sikes
912 South Rock Hill
St. Louis, Mo 63119 
As always, all funds go right back into our ministry!


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